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Price list:

  • 25 zł per piece (6 Euro) / up to 10 days

Detailed information:

They can only be used with the kayak types EXPLORER, EXPLORER II and SPRINTER

A spraydeck prevents water from getting inside the kayak through the cockpit. The spraydeck consists of two parts, one of them covers the body and the lower part is tightly attached to the deck of the kayak.

Price list:

  • 30 zł (8 EUR) / rally / up to 10 days

Kayak and canoe transport with our minibuses 0,5 EUR/kilometre both ways (the car must get there and back).
Maximum kayak number on one trailer - 12.
Maximum canoe number on one trailer - 6.

Trail Starting point Finishing point Transport price
(max. 12 kayaks)
Krutynia * Sorkwity Ruciane-Nida 150 zł (40 Eur)
Krutynia Sorkwity Mikołajki 170 zł (45 Eur)
Rospuda Supienie Augustów 250 zł (65 Eur)
Biebrza Lipsk Łomża 500 zł (125 Eur)
Biebrza Lipsk Wizna 520 zł (130 Eur)
Czarna Hańcza Stary Folwark Augustów 250 zł (65 Eur)
Brda Swornegacie Gostycyn-Nogawica 270 zł ( 70 Eur)
Brda Charzykowy Gostycyn-Nogawica 290 zł (75 Eur)

Base for rafting Krutynia - Krutyń 4, 11-710 Piecki

On the rafting Brda, Wda - Huta Kalna k. Lubik

For trips on the Czarna Hańcza and Rospuda - Maćkowa Ruda

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