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The route is divided into three parts and depending on where you want to go fishing you will need to get the appropriate fishing permits. You cannot go fishing on the entire Krutyńskie lake.

What species of fish can be caught on the Krutynia River route?
- Pike, perch, zander, chub, ide, eel, roach, rudd, whitefish, vendace, gudgeon.

The Mokre lake (over 800 ha) is considered to be the most interesting water reservoir to go fishing. The lake has a varied shoreline, five islands, a diverse bottom structure, and it’s a flow-through lake (Krutynia flows through it). Additionally, it’s a deep lake with clear water and hard bottom. Due to these features of the basin you will easily find large predators here, such as perch, zander and pike.
Recently there has been more and more whitefish in the lake. Building a sewage system in villages located on the Krutynia river route had a great impact on this as the lake is affected by much less nitrates, which damaged the water the most. Thanks to this, the vendace's population is revived.
Even a one-day kayaking trip can be an opportunity for a fishing adventure, so let us welcome you on a one-day trip down the Krutynia river.

If you want to set off on a longer trip, please contact us. We’ll be pleased to help you organise it and provide some advice on where to start and finish the trip. Visit our kayak rental or call us at +48 600 092 252.

Where to buy fishing permit?

  1. The section from Sorkwity to the Krutyńskie Lake is governed by Gospodarstwo Rybackie in Mrągowo Gospodarstwo Rybackie sp. z.o.o. w Mrągowie, ul. Młodkowskiego 22, 11-700 Mrągowo, phone number: (0-89) 741-34-13 or (0-89) 741-34-13. You can order and get your fishing permit there.
  2. The section down the Krutyńskie lake to Ukta is governed by the Polish Angling Association in Olsztyn.
  3. The section from Iznota (the bridge) to the Bełdany lake is governed by Gospodarstwo Rybackie in Mikołajki.
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