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Set off point

Lipiusz village. You can get there from Kościerzyna (about 20 km) by bus or from Chojnice. Lipusz also has several rail connections with Kościerzyna and Chojnice via Brusy.

Short Description of the Route

Wda, also called the Black Water, is a very picturesque and attractive route. This river, starting its course on the Charzykowska Plain, is characterized by numerous meanders and bends along its entire length. Wda is 198 km long. It starts in the Krążno lake, winds through Bory Tucholskie forest and Świecie Plain, and flows into the Vistula in Świecie.

Almost on its entire length, except for the upper section, the Wda river is an easy route, only the huge lake Wdzydze and dams in the lower section may make the trip more difficult. There are a lot of trees and few buildings on the route itself.

The upper section of the Wda route to Lipusz is very troublesome, therefore we recommend starting the rafting there.

Gradient of the Wda river:

  • in the upper section 0,7‰
  • in the middle section 0,7‰
  • in the lower section 0,7‰

What to see on the route:

  • an open-air museum in Wdzydze,
  • the Kamienne Kręgi reserve in Odry,
  • you can go to sauna in Czarna Woda,
  • Wdzydze and Wda Natural Landscape Parks –– the river flows through the complex of Bory Tucholskie, Kaszuby and Kociewie forests. Kayak trips down the Wda river are managed by our centre in Huta Kalna by Lubiki.
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