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PISA – the river starts in the lake Roś and falls into Narew in Nowogród, 80,4 km long; depth to 2 m, fall: about 25 cm per 1 km. It connects the Great Masuria Lakes with the Vistula.

It goes through lowlands and marshes. Safe for kayaking all the way. On the western bank there is the Piski Forest, unfortunately destroyed up to 30% in 2001 by a hurricane. The trail is easy even for the beginners.

An easy trail, typical for lowlands ( no constant obstacles, where you have to carry the kayak ) , very nice for the eye, especially at the beginning and the end, where there are also some hills and woods. There are also some camping places in those two parts of the trail, but generally there is a lack of good campsites with bathrooms. Pisa turns many times.

Pisa, as a connection to the Great Lakes District, gives the possibility of seeing a lowland, non-regulated and peaceful river, initially between the trees of the Piski Forest, and then between the meadows and sandy plains.

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