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A suitcase or a backpack? We recommend duffel bags that fit perfectly in the kayak’s bow. If you don’t have one –– don’t worry, you can rent it with a kayak. Closed garbage bags, e.g. 30 cm x 50 cm, are a pretty good solution, as they’re practical and cheap. They also fit easily in a kayak. A soft travel bag will also fit, unless it’s too big. Remember the number of duffle or garbage bags you take with you and always count them when you leave your camp or need to carry your kayak over. We don’t recommend taking any suitcases or frame backpacks. You could also use some waterproof mobile phone or camera cases.

A night under the stars. Prior to the trip you should check the mattress and tent and impregnate the flysheet. Don’t forget to take a flashlight, a knife and cutlery (essentials) with you. Camping is only allowed on marked tent fields, they are indicated on each map of the route. Kayaking routes descriptions are available in our kayak rental.

A bikini and a fleece sweatshirt. When packing, remember that even in the middle of summer the weather may change easily. So pack your shorts and swimsuits but don’t forget to take a fleece sweatshirt or sweater and trousers as well. Take your shoes and rain coat in addition to the flip-flops, too. A hat or a cap to protect you from the sun is absolutely necessary.

Aspirin is not enough. Visit a pharmacy prior to the trip. Buy some cold medicines, mosquito repellents, ointment for mosquito bites, sunblocks or lotions with a high SPF protection, ointment for sunburn, wound dressings, etc. Do not forget about the digestive system, our body does not always tolerate the change in a nutrition routine.

Barbecue sausage and canned food. When planning how much food to take, check for shops on the route. River descriptions include information on the grocery outlets, if available. In most cases, it makes no sense to take food with you for a week's trip, unless you choose a less frequently used canoe route.

A fishing rod or canned sardines? There’s nothing better than a fresh fish, but before you set off for fishing, check whether you need any additional permit, apart from the fishing card, for fishing in a specific water reservoir. Such permits are sold in any fishing store in a region.

Credit card or cash? Choosing a kayaking trip, you look for places with extraordinary natural qualities, picturesque meandering rivers among forests, etc. So you shouldn’t be surprised that there are no ATM in the villages and few places where you can pay with the card.

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