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Price list:

  • 60 ZL (15 EUR) / day
Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that guarantees very high durability and safety, even on the most difficult routes.

Technical specifications:

size [cm] (length x width)
weight [kg]
load capacity [kg]

Old Town:

A canoe named after the tribe of North American Indians who inhabited the lands of today’s Maine. Penobscot is a tribute to their craftsmanship, enormous knowledge of boat construction and excellent navigational skills.

The 174 is the longest one in the Penobscot family. This polyethylene canoe manufactured with the sandwich technology weighs as little as 37 kg. It’s usually equipped with comfortable woven benches. These canoes are appreciated by the aficionados of long hikes with luggage, for whom large luggage space has been designed. A 530 cm long cockpit makes enough room.

Apart from parents, children and luggage, this canoe has also some room for a dog or a medium-size calf.

Noteworthy is the fact that even loaded to its maximum capacity, Penobscot retains its full nautical properties, and using it is just a pleasure.


  • life jackets
  • paddles
  • woven seats
  • optional: luggage barrels

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