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Price list:

  • 45 zł ( 11,25 EUR )/ day,
Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that guarantees very high durability and safety, even on the most difficult routes. A durable material that ensures no damage on a kayaking trip.

Technical specifications:

size [cm] (length x width)
front cockpit size [cm] (length x width)
weight [kg]
load capacity [kg]
load capacity rear [litre]
load capacity at the front [litre]

Nifty 430 is a versatile kayak that provides speed, manoeuvrability and comfort of sitting. It also has two tight luggage hatches so that you can take all your camping equipment with you. Due to its speed you can cover long distances efficiently. Its length of 430 cm makes it easily manoeuvrable even on narrow rivers.

To sum up, stability, loading capacity and space that are highly demanded in a kayak tourism.


  • ergonomic, comfortable and isolated seats with adjustable backrests
  • decklines
  • adjustable seat height
  • rubber decklines
  • two watertight luggage hatches
  • carrying handles in the stern and bow
  • adjustable footrest with pedals for steering
  • rudder lifted and lowered from the cockpit
  • life jackets
  • paddles
  • optional: kayak skirts

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