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Price list:

  • 1 - 3 days - 43 zł ( 10,75 EUR )/ day,
  • 4 - 6 days - 40 zł ( 10 EUR )/ day,
  • over 6 days - 38 zł( 9,5 EUR )/day
Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that guarantees very high durability and safety, even on the most difficult routes. A durable material that ensures no damage on a kayaking trip.

Technical specifications:

size [cm] (length x width)
420 x 62
weight [kg]
load capacity [kg]
ca. 130 kg

The Aquarius TREK kayak is a slimmer and longer brother of the popular Traper. Due to the length and two concave rails at the bottom the Aquarius Trek holds the course very well. A big loading capacity and a high stability make it a perfect kayak for the beginners. The standard version is fully equipped with bulkheads, decklines, a waterproof map case, rubber hatch braces, footwells. Just like Traper, the Aquarius Trek has three essential advantages: 1. BIG COCKPIT: safe and easy to go out of if you need to evacuate from the kayak, provides room to hide when moving under a bridge or a small tree. 2. PROFILED BOW AND FLAT BOTTOM: you can easily move over obstacles and not lose the stability. 3. KAYAK’S BODY MADE OF STRONG POLYETHYLENE: perfect for stony rivers with soil and stone dumps.


  • ergonomic seats,
  • rubber decklines
  • universal footwells
  • two tight luggage hatches with a lid,
  • carrying handles in the stern and bow
  • life jackets, polyester seats, paddles, optional –– kayak skirts

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