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Price list:

  • 60 zł ( 15 EUR)/ day
Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that guarantees very high durability and safety, even on the most difficult routes.

Technical specifications:

size [cm] (length x width)
front cockpit size [cm] (length x width)
rear cockpit size [cm] (length x width)
weight [kg]
load capacity [kg]
load capacity rear [litre]
load capacity at the front [litre]

Since 2006, the Excursion kayak has been equipped with a small twist hatch –– a neoprene sleeve that allows you to keep small items always at hand;

a double kayak for any excursion –– an afternoon trip with a child, a two-week vacation or extreme expeditions –– it will do its best in any situation and give you a lot of satisfaction; it looks secure and provides you with a sense of safety at first glance; cockpits are large to comfortably put any seat in them; large luggage hatches will certainly be appreciated by everyone who doesn’t tend to pack their equipment thoroughly and those who seem to need everything for the trip; the Excursion kayak will also solve problems for those who think they won’t survive being apart with their pot fern; this kayak seems to have a Polish phenotype, so try it out; you've been waiting for it for a long time.


  • ergonomic seats with adjustable backrests
  • decklines
  • rubber decklines
  • adjustable footrest with pedals for steering
  • steer
  • two tight luggage
  • a small luggage hatch between the cockpits
  • carrying handles in the stern and bow
  • life jackets
  • paddles
  • optional: kayak skirts

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