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Price list:

  • 1 - 3 days - 45 zł ( 11,25 EUR )/ day,
  • 4 - 6 days - 43 zł ( 10,75 EUR )/ day,
  • over 6 days - 40 zł( 10 EUR )/day
Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that guarantees very high durability and safety, even on the most difficult routes. A durable material that ensures no damage on a kayaking trip.

Technical specifications:

size [cm] (length)
size [cm] (width)
load capacity [kg]

A double Vista kayak is a stable and safe boat for long-distance kayaking. An open cockpit provides enough space for luggage, doesn’t limit your moving ability in the kayak, and, foremost, allows you to get out of it easily when flipped over.

If you want to take your child, we can put a third seat in the kayak (please book this option in advance). Additional charge for the child seat: PLN 5 / day + security deposit of PLN 100.

The kayak is highly manoeuvrable so that you can take full advantage of its capabilities on winding rivers, also if you are a beginner.


  • comfortable folding seats for easier loading,
  • two waterproof map cases on board
  • a tight hatch in the stern (kayaks without the hatch are also available)
  • carrying handles in the stern and bow
  • life jackets
  • paddles

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