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The Krutyń-Iznota route is 29 km long and you need 8 hours to complete it.

It’s the extended Krutyń-Nowy Most route. We recommend it to hard-bitten kayakers. And strong ones, as the route is long, there are fallen trees in the river and you need to carry your kayak over several times. The diversity of views, though, makes the trip pleasant and interesting.

The first section of the route, the Krutyń-Ukta section, is a typical river one. In half of this section Krutynia is no more than 0.5 m deep. You also need to carry your kayak by the mill in Zielony Lasek. If you’re willing to pay a small amount of money, there are people waiting on the bank who can do it for you. Rosocha is the next place on the route and you can have a delicious and home-cooked meal there. You go by Wojnowo and reach Ukta.

Having passed Ukta, there might be fallen trees in the river. It shouldn’t be difficult to go past them. The advantage of so many trees is the tunnel that tree crowns form over your head to protect you from the sun.

You enter the “Dolna Krutynia” reserve. The river meanders here strongly. Watch for rare species of plants and animals such as orchids, sundews, lilies, pasqueflowers, white-tailed eagles, ospreys, cranes, eagle owls, kingfishers or corncrakes. The river has a diverse depth within the reserve and it ranges from 2 to 7 m.

The next stop on the route is in Nowy Most. You go along the PTTK Nowy Most on the right and return into the wild nature area.

The riverbed spreads out, the trees grow densely along the banks and there are less reeds. You approach Lake Gardyńskie, where you need to take the right turn through the dense underwater vegetation.

For just a moment, you enter Lake Malinówko, where you follow its left shore to go to Lake Jerzewko, which smoothly translates into the river again - Iznocka Struga (also called Czarna Woda). The riverbed becomes very wide again, and the wooded banks are full of wide reeds and rushes.

When approaching the village of Iznota, you pass several buildings and finish the trip on the right bank before the bridge.


Price 110 zł/kayak, 140zł/canoe

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