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The Krutyń-Ukta route is 13 km long and you need 3–4 hours to complete it.

The Krutyń-Ukta section goes mainly through the river. We especially recommend it for families with children and school groups, as it isn’t long and the water in the river is shallow. For half of the way it isn’t more than 0.5 m deep. It’s one of the easiest and safest sections of the route.

Start from Krutyń and after a kilometre or so you reach a water mill in Zielony Lasek where you have to carry your kayak over. The mild stream and broad river bed make it easy to move around this section. You can flow with the current without fear and admire the surrounding nature not only on both banks, but also at the river bottom. Everyone who took the Krutynia route mentions it resembles some kind of an aquarium, because the water is clear and you can easily see the fish.

The Krutynia vegetation is so lush that sometimes thick, green carpets of plants are formed on its surface. They’re willingly settled by flocks of multi-coloured dragonflies. It’s a truly fabulous view. Melchior Wańkowicz, who took the Krutynia route before the WW2, wrote the following in his book Na tropach Smętka: “The scale of sensations in such a journey is enormous, as in the sunny day the forests walls move away, they are deepened by shimmering shadows, and the turns and bays of the lake shine with more light than usual, the birds are high in the clouds - the human soul is full of such possessed joy that one would like to jump out of a kayak.” So why don’t you jump out of your kayak and get some swim in the shallow river water?

While kayaking, look out for the Hildenbrandia red algae, which creates “blood spots” on the stones. It proves the water is clean. Due to this distinctive colour that the red algae give to the stones the Stonehenge, where the Hildenbrandia was present in the Avon River, was considered a magical place. And our Krutynia river is magical as well. Everyone, who took the route, knows it. And everyone, who didn’t, must experience it by themselves.

After an hour from taking your kayaks over the mill in Zielony Lasek you get to Rosocha. Just wait until you try the delicious food they serve there. Fresh home-cooked meals. We recommend potato pancakes, pancakes with fruit and pierogi.

When the meal break is over, we set off again. The river flows through the wild landscape and few buildings, banks and meadows hidden in the trees. The landscape changes fast so you won’t get bored. The river will take you through local villages as well and through numerous pastures a reed band away from the water.

You go by the Wojnowo village and arrive in Ukta. You finish the trip on the left bank before the road bridge.

You can extend the trip by 4 km and enter Lake Duś to visit the Old Believers' monastery and the Orthodox Church in Wojnowo (about 2 hours with the sightseeing).


Price 80 zł/kayak, 120 zł/canoe


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